Games currently in development

Games currently in development

A list of games I am actively working on. Currently, most development is focused on Visual Novel games.


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Nova: Synthesis Creaturum

Nova main menu

A collaborative Visual Novel project with a few other people. Working as the teams’ programmer.

Check out the games official Website: Nova: Synthesis Creaturum

Check out the Teams page: Diolacov-Kingdom

Check out the Demo:

User interface basically complete, currently working on converting scripts to code as they become available.



Echidna School VN (Working Title)


Still in the early stages. A visual novel style dating/teaching sim.

A mostly solo project.

Programming wise currently working on User interface and game mechanics.



Catching the Fox [Nanoreno 2016]


An office romance sim, using an email-based interface.

A collaborative Visual Novel project, working in a team of 5 as the teams’ programmer.

Working in a team of 5.

Check out the forum thread for the development progress: Here!



See also:

Completed Projects

Projects On hold