Summer Special! [NaNoRenO2016]

So i joined up with “another” another team for NaNoRenO 2016, since they lost their programmer and i offered to give them a hand.

Time to practice my juggling. 😉 


So we’re now about 3 weeks into development of the game Nano 2016 game, ‘Summer Special’.




Cereza has had the misfortune of being temporarily forced tasked to work at her grandmother’s convenience store, Angie’s Mart. While her grandmother recovers from a recent accident, she’ll spend the week manning the store. It’s all good though. Because if everything goes well she’ll earn just enough money from her time working there to finally pack up and leave her dump of a hometown. All she has to do is make it through the next week and she’ll be well on her way to greener pastures. A simple enough task on its own but not so much when circumstances throw a few uncalled for coworkers into the equation.

• Two possible romance interest (Three if we have time)
• Lots of daily activities to choose from
• Twelve different endings


For more details on the game and to follow the progress of the project check out their thread at:


Hopefully everything goes well and it all gets done on time. 😀

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